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Business Hours:
M-W-F  1 PM - 9 PM
TU-TH  10 AM - 5 PM
SAT  9 AM - 5 PM
SUN  1 PM - 5 PM

T2 League
Mar 29-Jun 1

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Welcome to the SimTrainer Indoor Range and Firearms Training Center website!

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SimTrainer also hosts a league to provide defensive tactical shooting experience:

  • Tactical Training (T2) League
    Tuesday evening 5:00-7:30 or until finished and Wednesday morning from 10:00-Noon.
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    Note: CleanFire* ammo required!





New to shooting? Get started with our NSSF Award winning
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* CleanFire ammo is required for the league and all live-fire classes held downrange to reduce airborne contamination from lead-based primers. Because we stand downrange during the leagues and some classes, the airborne lead compounds are not pulled out of the range as completely as they are when shooting from the booths during normal operations. This is a serious health risk for shooters, instructors, and range officers. Ammunition purchased for these classes at the range will meet this requirement. If you bring your own ammunition, ensure it has lead-free primers and powders with FMJ or TMJ bullets. Examples of suitable ammunition are Speer CleanFire (CF in the product name), PMC eRange, and Winchester "WinClean" ammo with FMJ or TMJ bullets.

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